About The Backyard ShaWoman

Maryanna has been practicing Shamanism for the past twelve years, known as The Backyard Shawoman, she trained in Peruvian Shamanism, practices the works of Sandra Ingerman, Michael Harner, Dr. Stephen Farmer and Jim Pathfinder Ewing, completed her third year of training in Rochester with Shaman Dr. Cecile Carson.

She teaches classes in intuitive arts and traditional art such as painting outdoors, as well as Shamanic Reiki, Animal Reiki and the healing arts. For her, Shamanism has become a mode of living; it can quickly clear genetic blueprints that traditional western modalities may not and teaches us to live in harmony with all; All is Sacred.

Maryanna brings her love of people, places, animals and plants into today’s conscious living as she had for her thirty-five years teaching Visual Arts Education in the Rochester area. Today she offers additional learnings in Healing Arts Education.