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Dear Maryanna,


You have been an absolute blessing and saving grace to me and my children’s lives.  I had suffered a very long time with severe neck pain.  I had been to back specialists’, surgeons, massage therapists, reiki workers you name it; I had pretty much tried everything, oh yes and trigger point injections.  Nothing worked or if they did work at all they were just temporary relief.  That is until I met you at the Purple door. I owe you the biggest thank you anyone could ever give because you enabled me to have my life back and to have it pain free.

Thank you so very much!

Karen L (Fairport, NY)

"I've never had a Reiki treatment but, I am now a pompom waving fan of Reiki and Maryanna! After having been on the table for a brief time, I began to feel relaxed and peaceful. The voices of the people in the room became a murmur. I could feel the ill effects, I'd sought to get rid of, leaving my body through my fingers, feet and the crown of my head. The feeling for me was like what I'd experienced after a full body massage." Zoe

 "Your luminous healing and ritual for celebrating Eddie's birthday led me to a journey of creating inner peace. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with me. Let the healings continue. " Marcia

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Reiki I with Maryanna Mueller has been my first class in energy healing. Maryanna provided a very stimulating introduction to the art of Reiki.  She explained that the universal life force - Reiki - is available to everyone, everywhere.  Reiki is not a religion, it a holistic modality of healing through which the practitioner facilitates the flow of Reiki from its source (whom I refer to as "God") through the practitioner to the patient. Reiki requires no physical manipulation of the body, just of the human energy field.  No physical contact between the practitioner and the patient is required.  "Reiki flows where Reiki knows" is a popular saying pertaining to the fact that Reiki automatically finds the areas of the human energy field that need Reiki attention.  Reiki will enter the patient and reenergize and correct the flow of Reiki throughout the patient's body. Maryanna taught us the history of Reiki, explained the chakra system of the body, the preparations needed before a Reiki session (for both the facility and the practitioner), the correct way to utilize our hands in performing Reiki, how to remove energy blocks, how to remove stress from the body, and how to restore a wonderful sense of well being and balance to the patient. Reiki also allows the practitioner to utilize Reiki self healing.  This is a wonderful tool that has been of a great help to me in alleviating physical pain and mental stress.  I look forward to taking Reiki II with the Rev. Maryanna Mueller. Lois

I have a Reiki session with Maryanna Mueller at noon. I had a great Luminous Healing session by her this past week."-- Michael

“The chrysanthemum stone is really filled with lots of negative space and can hold many of our painful issues !”  
Deepak has taught for years that most of matter is negative space.

October 2012  Luminous Healing

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Objects from Lifetimes, I thank You! I feel wonderful!  Opened up the world to me! Now I am able to voice my opinion!"

from Alexa

Dear Maryanna,

This letter is  to thank you for your participation in the monthly Community Labyrinth Walks at the First Unitarian Church in Rochester, NY.
For the past 3 years, you have graciously offered Reiki and other energy balancing modalities, shared your knowledge with participants, and enthusiastically provided assistance with set up and clean up efforts for this event.   
We thank you for your generosity and kind spirit.
Deborah Roller
Volunteer Services Manager
Community Labyrinth Walk 

Thank you for a wonderful healing today.  I feel light, relaxed, energetic and rejuvenated.  -- Joy

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"Hi Maryanna,
Wow, what a wonderful blessed Luminous Healing practice you provide!
Thank you for spending so much time with me yesterday.  Not only do I feel better physically but mentally.  I know I have a lot of work to do and look forward to the followup session.  (All disease begins in the mind.) I keep thinking of the saying "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."  I think I have found my Guru:)

(I use Bach Flower remedies but I don't think they follow the homeopathy protocol.)

All the best,

Oh my goodness Maryanna! It worked! Monty whimpered a little, stayed downstairs for about an hour, then came running up to bed. Before settling in (he does not sleep in bed with me, but on his bed) he came right up to the bed, standing on the floor with his hind legs he put his front legs over me and rested his head against my side (I was laying on my side facing away from him.) The only way I can describe this is to say he must have been hugging me, he has never done this before, but I think he was saying thank you! Since Friday night Monty has resumed his normal routine of going up and down the stairs. This is so wonderful! THANK YOU!!!!! I am so very blessed to have such a wonderful friend as you in my life. I am so appreciative of your taking the time and making Friday such a late night to help me with this and you were so right as well! THANK YOU!!!
 Cristina and Monty

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"Maryanna, thank you so much for the wonderful healing session yesterday. I appreciate it very much. I feel things moving and am thankful for that. I found and "Hands of Light" book on Amazon. I can't wait to read it. Have a great week. Keep in touch. Hope to see you soon." Christine

Dear, Maryanna,
It worked great. I would recommend this to others because it works. Thus far I have only had 1 bad dream since.
Have a good day,