Upcoming Class:  Soul Care 2019: Call or text 585.727.3346

Teaching this class with Mary Kathleen Dougherty in Rochester, NY

We’ll explore how to care for our souls and their growth through group activities and dialogues, art and writing experiences, perhaps a walk with Mother Nature. Venue to be announced. This is a gift you give to yourself for increasing your happiness, peace and presence of mind.



Metaphysics, a term with its origins in the mid-16th century, is a branch of philosophy addressing the fundamental nature of reality and being. Healing modalities are approaches represented in the likes of Reiki, Rebirthing, intuitive arts, and self-hypnosis.

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Allergies Be Gone-we can discard substances, conditions and organisms we no longer wish to be affected by.

Art With Spirit-intuitive and traditional art experiences-create art objects from your inner artist or learn traditional drawing, acrylic painting, watercolors and oils from a certified art teacher.

Clearing Family Patterns-releases the ancient threads of failure or negative aspects of our personality.

Drum Journeying-travel to the underworld and upper world to have your power animal choose you, to find your spirit teacher and to learn your life's purpose.

Horses-we offer Reiki for Horses healing sessions, at your barn.

Hospice-we can come to your home or stable to be with patients, pets and families during Hospice residence for People and Pets.  Families and Pet  Owners love the benefits of Reiki and Shamanism.

House Blessings and Home/Business clearings...cleansing our spaces helps to remove blockages to success and unwanted energies.

Hypnosis For Success in School: Learning/Testing, Business, Relationships, Unwanted Habits/Patterns (Smoke Cessation, Weight Release), Creating more peaceful environments, etc.

Re-Birthing: is a therapeutic technique used to assist in healing for those who have normally suffered from some previous trauma.

Reiki Levels I-III and  Chakra Attunement, Balancing and Aura Cleansing: Attunement allows the client to open and connect to the Reiki energies on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Attunement and balancing clear and stabilize many energy channels within the body.  Also available is Creating Prosperity and Advancing Psychic Abilities, How to contact Angels and Loved ones.

Removing Energetic Wounds from All Lifetimes: Is a process through which we identify the origin of pain in a particular lifetime or moment in this one, capture the scenario of such trauma, remove it, and bring healing into the present life.

Shamanic Studies Classes

Soul Retrievals

Water Blessings

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings-many decks to choose from

Vision Board-Making and Treasure Maps