“It’s Free, It’s Easy”

Back in the early 1980’s I was hollered at a few times by a supervisor in the workplace.  I’d had kind and loving thoughts toward this person; I  just didn’t understand the anger energy when it popped up.  Earlier in our relationship he was congenial and mild in temperament.  I pondered how to use Jesus’ teachings there.  Something came to mind that I could pray for that person and their family, I figured he must have been hurting in some way to treat me like that. So the practice of saying prayers for coworkers in addition to family and friends began consciously in my life.  That behavior never occurred again. 

I do pray for folks’ highest intentions now, the easiest thing for me to consciously intend is to bless them, and bless myself.  It’s so easy to see a thing and send it a blessing, whether a flood or drought on the weather channel, a pedestrian or motorist on my way to somewhere, the train as it rolls by.  I send blessings to conditions and gratitude for all that comes into my awareness, beginning with thanks to Creator, Saints and Angels I converse with, thanking  for the night, helping me through the night and for waking up again.  Some folks don’t wake up.  Moving to the bath I thank Water, Fire, Earth and Air for their gifts right in my home.  I bless the plumbing and waters of our lakes and oceans, the warmth of heat, the cooling of air, the beautiful grounds we are permitted to live on.  I bless the inventors worldwide, thankful for pen and pencil, art supplies, bicycles and kayaks, computers and all groovy electronics!  All physical things, manmade and Nature-made. We borrow these luxuries for our short visits to Mother Earth,  (Pachamama in Peruvian Shamanism ).  Feelings of deep gratitude fill me now as once l lived in a tunnel of fear, blame and ignorance, often asking God and The Angels to save me from yet another self-created calamity !

So we can take the phrase, “Have a Blessed Day”, and increase our focus of attention, encircling more observations of our world, expanding our attention to all things, in this world and all worlds.  When I bless the trees I see, I intend it to bless all trees everywhere. When I see an animal passed away on the road I can bless it, thank it for its life and that of all its kin, still watching for traffic in a safe way. It is Rev. Eleanor Celentani who, as the co-founder of Pathfinders’ Fellowship circle, taught us to remember The Pleiades, the International Space Station, other galaxies in our healing thoughts, and even other dimensions. We can “Have A Blessing Day” if we like, and breathe in conscious knowing to be at peace with all that is, and to be thankful for events, even difficult ones. 
We don’t know where the next step in physical or spiritual reality will take us.

I love Rascal Flatt’s lyrics:

                                           “Bless the Broken Road”

“This much I know is true…That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you  

I think about the years I spent just passing through
I'd like to have the time I lost and give it back to you  

But you just smile and take my hand
You've been there, you understand   It's all part of a grander plan that is coming true.”

(lyrics in part)

And from my other teachers, Graeme Edge and Ray Thomas of The Moody Blues;

                                                       “The Balance”

                              “After he had journeyed   and his feet were sore   And he was tired

           He came upon an orange grove   and he rested   And he lay in the cool    And while he rested

      He took to himself an orange    and tasted it   and it was good   and he felt the earth to his spine

              And he asked   and he saw the tree above him   and the stars   and the veins in the leaf

                              and the light   and the balance   and he saw magnificent perfection

                                       Whereon, he thought of himself in balance    And he knew he was

                     Just open your eyes   and realise    The way it's always been   Just open your mind

                   And you will find   The way it's always been   Just open your heart   and that's a start

And he thought of those he angered

For he was not a violent man

And he thought of those he hurt

For he was not a cruel man

And he thought of those he frightened

For he was not an evil man

And he understood...

He understood himself   Upon this he saw

That when he was of anger   Or knew hurt   Or felt fear

It was because he was not understanding  and he learned


                 And with his eye of compassion

               He saw his enemies like unto himself

                                                          And he learned LOVE

         Then, he was answered”

I’m reminded of Deepak’s teaching,  “Compassion Exercise-this person is struggling like I am.   This person is fearful like I am...”

and the lyrics to “The Eyes of A Child”  by John Lodge of The Moodies-good to Google these helpful resources.  The Moodies have taught me so much spiritually, emotionally, for six melodic decades!

Gratefully, I am learning, thanking throughout the day.

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